I joined my first online Mommy group completely by chance when I was pregnant with my third baby. I had given away all my holy copies of “What to Expect” and it had already been awhile since the last time I had expected, so to save a few bucks I joined the What to Expect online board for Moms expecting babies in August 2013. And just like that, my life changed forever.

Facebook “Mommy groups” are a truly unique social phenomenon. They’re virtual mom groups that usually center around a common point of interest, geographical location, birth month, hobbies, lifestyle, and parenting style to name but a few.

They typically offer a “safe environment” for member moms to ask the most personal questions, share their proudest motherhood moments, photos of soiled diapers, nasty bug bites, bed time shenanigans and eating strikes.

They’re also notorious for just about the worst fights, mom shaming behavior, guilt inducing comments, and general hormonal outbursts because every mother knows best when it comes to her kid, your kid, and your neighbor’s kid. And you’re doing it all wrong. Mommy groups can be right out terrifying.


So why join a Mommy group?

Here are my top 10 reasons why you should totally join a Mommy group today:

  • It’s 3AM. You’ve finally managed to feed and rock and feed and rock and feed and rock your 2 month old baby to sleep; but now you’re stuck under said sleeping baby and are terrified to even breathe, let alone put them down. And you’re feeling kind of lonely. If you can click that magic round button on your iPhone, you will be transported to the wonderful world of your mommy group where you will be connected with other moms in an identical situation as yourself at that very moment.
  • During those first crucial months of your baby’s life, your pediatrician is no doubt, the most prominent contact on your speed dial. Unfortunately, they’re not always available, especially when you need them; but guess who is! That’s right, your fellow mommy group mommies! And sure, technically you’re not supposed to consult anyone other than your doctor for medical advice, but these ladies can be very wise and will most certainly at least point you in the right direction.
  • When you feel like your world is crumbling and you have no one else to turn to, they’re your go-to people. They know what you’re going through. Sometimes they will berate you like there’s no tomorrow. But ultimately they understand. Especially when it’s 3AM.
  • Coupons, discount codes, gift vouchers, gofundme pages, and photo votes when your niece really needs to win that “cutest-9-year-old-in-her-class” competition. Moms like to help other moms out!
  • Solving common baby and toddler problems- is he sleeping too much? Is she eating enough? Why hasn’t he pooped in 8 days? How do you get projectile vomit off your couch? Why is my kid climbing out of her crib? Why does my toddler like to stare at the washing machine all day? These are serious problems, and need an experienced, well seasoned moms’ input.
  • Because you get to learn a whole bunch of cool acronyms like STTN, LO, DD, DS, DH, EBF, EFF, POAS, BFP to name but a few!
  • Dinner inspirations; because you’re tired of Mac and Cheese every day, and Goldfish is not real food (even if your toddler insists otherwise).
  • Because you get to learn about cool and crazy stuff like Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit , the Windi, and the Wonder Weeks app. They’re real. Look them up for a giggle or maybe, just maybe, a solution to your problems! Also, coconut oil will solve every single one of your problems.
  • If you’re out of name ideas, this is your go-to place. Rest assured you will get a wide selection of first names, middle names, and the most agreeable combos. Are you going for traditional? Old fashioned? Badly misspelled? Quirky? You won’t be disappointed.
  • Product reviews from real moms! Strollers, bottles, car seats, and Sophie the Giraffe; no stone is left unturned.

Over the years (almost 4 to be exact), I’ve come to really appreciate my Mommy group. We’ve shared good times and bad, we’ve judged the shit out of each other, we’ve seen our kids grow from little peanuts inside the uterus to independent, sassy, bossy, and wonderful almost 3 year olds. And we’re still here, sharing our experience, advice and support!

And for all those reasons, I can’t imagine not being part of my Mommy group, and urge you to go ahead and join one today!


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