So perhaps the best thing to do is to stop writing Introductions and get on with the book.

― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh


Hi! I’m Xenia aka Athens Mommy. My hometown is Athens, Greece.  I have three wonderful children- a busy second grader, a creative kindergartener, and an opinionated toddler. I am their go-to person for food, activities, and entertainment. This blog is my way of sharing all the fun things we do, the yummy things we eat, and some of my own personal mom musings that most moms can relate to!

We like to stay active and make the most of what our town and community have to offer us but sometimes finding places to go and things to see can be a real challenge! I am super proactive and like to stay up-to-date with whatever is going on, and I’ll be blogging about it all here! So if you’re looking for a fun outdoor activity, or a place to take your kids on a rainy day, or a venue for a party, I am here to do the research and give you tips and ideas!